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Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Services specializes in real estate investment securities such as Tenant in Common (TIC) investment properties, Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties for section 1031 exchange (replacement properties), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and real estate funds.  Cornerstone was an early member of the Tenant In Common Association and we have one of the largest listings of tenant in common properties with strict due diligence standards. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) allows for the capital gains tax to be deferred when "like-kind" real property is exchanged.  With tenant in common properties and DST investments, an owner may diversify their real estate investment across multiple properties and enjoy the benefits of a tax deferred exchange.


Cornerstone works closely with a large number of sponsors who identify and package TIC property providing investors access to different types of exchange replacement properties all across the country.  These sponsors often provide many of the pre- and post-acquisition management services that investors would otherwise have to handle themselves and at their own expense such as for due diligence, appraisal, debt financing, and environmental reports.


Accordingly, Cornerstone offers tenants in common that have been designed to address a number of the burdens associated with 1031 exchanges.  We identify sponsors, review properties, perform due diligence, and offer Section 1031 TICs to our investors.   However, we do not provide our investors with accounting, tax, or legal advice, and encourage you to obtain advice from independent advisors.


Once inside the password protected portion of our website you will find a robust amount of information on tenant in common and 1031 exchanges, including:


bullet A lengthy listing of available Tenant-in-common properties of all asset classes located throughout the United States,
bullet A detailed discussion of the advantages of tenant-in-common investments,
bullet A serious look at the various risks associated with TIC replacement properties, and
bullet An insightful overview of the tenants-in-common industry and how tenant-in-common investments are structured.

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